I exfoliate between wax appointments, but still get bumps…

Does this sound like you?

That’s because exfoliation is just one component of good home care. So if exfoliating is the only thing you’re doing, it might not be enough!

Exfoliating frequently is a great way to help the new hairs growing back to poke though the skin, as it removes the hard keratinized skin cells on the surface. However, frequent exfoliation can also be incredibly drying! And dry skin can lead to irritation, especially in an area that’s already prone to friction from rubbing and chafing, as well as sweating (and we all know that sweat contains bacteria).

Think about it this way: what would happen if you exfoliated your face every day, but then never used moisturizer? 😬🌵

Basically, moisturized skin = happier skin. Yes, even in your pubic area.

Nourishing Oil by Just The Strip

So talk to your waxer about adding a moisturizing product to your homecare routine. Your skin will thank you!

(It’s also worth mentioning that not all moisturizers are created to be used in the pubic area. Coconut oil is never recommended. Talk to your waxer about appropriate products to use in this sensitive area. I always personally recommend Just The Strip products to my clients – they carry a full line of exfoliants, moisturizers, and serums to keep your skin happy between wax appointments.)

Happy waxing!

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