Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers from our online followers and from actual clients!

Q: Best tips for exfoliating between waxes? I get the worst ingrowns!
Q: I am getting married in May 2023, and I want to get a Brazilian wax. How soon before the wedding should I get my Brazilian wax?

A: This is a great question! You need to get waxed at the very minimum 24-48 hours before you plan to have sex or work out (anything with friction+sweat). But your first wax never gives you the smoothest results (we are only able to get about 80% of your hair during your first wax appointment because hair grows in different stages, so 20% of your hair is either too short to be waxed or is still developing in the follicle below the surface of the skin).

By the time you come in for your 4th or 5th wax, your hair growth cycles have synced up and we’re able to get closer to 95% of the hairs at a time. So if you want ultimate ULTIMATE smoothness for your wedding, I’d recommend starting to get waxed 3-4 months beforehand, and sticking to a good solid monthly wax schedule. That way you’ll be perfectly smooth for the wedding night! 

Q: I want to try Brazilian waxing, but I’ve shaved my whole life. How long does the hair need to be before it can be waxed, and will it hurt worse for me because I’ve been shaving for so long?

A: Ideally, we need people to have at least 2 full weeks of growth before coming in for a wax. The longer the hair is, the smoother your results will be! We need at the very least 1/4 inch of hair, about the length of a grain of rice. If you hair is shorter than this, we won’t be able to wax you.

As far as having shaved your whole life, you aren’t alone! The majority of people who come in to try waxing have never done anything but shave. Your first wax is always the most uncomfortable (because the hairs have been there for so long, connected to a blood supply, happily thriving. They don’t want to leave!). But after your first wax, every hair will come back as a brand new baby hair, which are much easier to remove going forward. There’s no reason you can’t get waxed just as successfully as anyone else.

Q: I go in for my first ever Brazilian wax this week, and I’m nervous. Any tips to help prepare?
Q: Have you ever waxed pregnant clients? Baby decided she wanted to make hair grow on my BELLY!
Q: Can 16 or 17 year olds get Brazilians or even bikini waxes?

A: This is up to the discretion of each business owner. Woodbury Wax Bar does not perform services on anyone under age 18 without the presence and express written consent of a parent or legal guardian.