Post-Wax Care Instructions

Most waxing is recommended at a frequency of 4 weeks. This includes Brazilian, Bikini, and most facial waxing. Some areas, like underarms, can be waxed more frequently, up to every 2 weeks. Other areas, like upper legs, usually only have to be waxed every 6-8 weeks.

The secret to a good wax is great post-wax care! Follow these instructions for best results:

For 24 hours after waxing:

  • No chlorine pools or hot tubs
  • No steam rooms or saunas
  • No working out – cardio, weights, nothing that causes excessive sweating!
  • NO SEX – sweat contains bacteria, and having sex or doing anything that causes lots of sweating means you can end up with little whiteheads all over the waxed area 2-3 days later!
  • Avoid applying any deodorants, sprays, or lotions to the area

Between waxes:

  • Exfoliate as directed by your esthetician (usually every other day)
  • Moisturize the area daily
  • Try to wear loose-fitting clothes on occasion to help prevent compression ingrowns
  • No picking or tweezing
  • Absolutely NO SHAVING!

Gabrielle is absolutely amazing, completely professional, very knowledgeable and talented at her craft. I definitely will be going back in the future. She has an energy that makes you feel relaxed and like you’ve been her friend for years, her studio is so clean, bright, and beautiful. I highly recommend if you’ve never had a Brazilian before to come here!

Xana, Bikini Wax Client

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